Child Dispute Solicitors in Blackpool

Disputes over children

This includes applications for a child arrangement order for contact, a child arrangement order to decide where the children should live, a specific issues order or a prohibited steps order.

Our fixed fee is £600.00 including VAT plus the court fee

What's included:

  • Preparation of the court application and the steps prior to, but not including, the first court hearing.
  • An initial appointment, in person or by telephone, to obtain your instructions, correspondence with your partner (or their solicitor) to negotiate an agreement.
  • Drafting the court application.
  • Serving the court application on your partner (or their solicitor).
  • Providing general advice in relation to the first court hearing.

What's not included:

This fixed fee does not include attendance at the court hearing or the court fee when issuing the application.


Our fixed fee for court hearings:

For attending a hearing up to half a day is £480.00 including VAT.

For attending a hearing for a full day is £960.00 including VAT.

What's included:

  • Preparing the court bundles if you are the applicant.
  • Preparing and considering your file prior to the hearing.
  • Attendance at the hearing which includes discussions with you and the other parties.
  • Drafting of the court order if you are the applicant.
  • Sending you all the court documents after the hearing.

What's not included:

  • Commissioning any experts' reports.  
  • Commissioning police disclosure.
  • Work which you may need to undertake between the first hearing and any further/future hearings.
  • Dealing with any complex matters which include greater preparation and research.

If for any reason the case proceeds beyond the first hearing, we would either charge you at our hourly rate or arrange an alternative fixed fee arrangement.