Divorce Solicitors in Blackpool

Fixed fees for divorce

Super saver fee for petitioners acting in person:

£180.00 plus VAT:

What's included:

  • One initial appointment.
  • Drafting the petition for you to take down to court and issue yourself (you go on the court record rather than ourselves).
  • Very basic support to include advising you in relation to how to apply for your decree nisi and decree absolute (but not applying for it for you).

What's not included:What's 

  • Assistance regarding applying for a fee exemption in relation to the HMCTS fee (court fee).

For petitioners (that is those who start divorce proceedings)

£450.00 plus VAT plus a disbursement of £550.00 being the HMCTS fee (court fee).

What's included:

  • Initial attendance upon you to take instructions.
  • Drafting the divorce petition and issuing the same at court.
  • Preparing the application for the decree nisi following receipt of an acknowledgment of service from the respondent.
  • Forwarding the decree nisi to you.
  • Applying for your decree absolute and forwarding you the same once received from the court.
  • General advice and assistance from petition to decree absolute.

This fixed fee will only apply to uncontested divorces with no complicating factors.

Pre-nuptial agreements

Our fixed fee is £1,750.00 including VAT

What's included:

  • One initial appointment to discuss the proposed agreement.
  • Advising you in relation to the proposed agreement and informing you of any further information we require.
  • Preparing and drafting the agreement.
  • Arranging the completion of the pre-nuptial agreement.

What's not included:

This fixed fee does not apply when there is a disagreement between the parties and negotiations are then required.  

This fixed fee does not apply when the case is of a high complexity and additional reports need to be obtained.

This fixed fee does not apply when the couple's assets amount to £1m or over.

In these circumstances we will charge at an hourly rate or we will propose an alternative fixed fee arrangement.  

Please telephone us on 01253 626793 Option 2.