Wills and Probate Solicitors Blackpool

Leave more than memories behind

Never underestimate the importance of making a will. This apparently insignificant document can have enormous bearing on your family after you're not there to look after them.

As well as the well-known process of distributing your property after death, a will enables you to take care of many other matters. Even if you don't have any assets, your will can stipulate the guardianship of any dependants you may have, as well as specifying your final wishes for your funeral service.

At Cooper Nimmo we take pride in providing an efficient, helpful and cost-effective will-making service, so you can plan ahead and enjoy peace of mind. It's the only way you can be sure that your wishes will be carried out as you want them when the time comes. A well-written will can play a key role in inheritance planning, so it serves a very sensible practical purpose too.

In addition to making a will, Cooper Nimmo offer a full probate service to ensure that the wishes set out in a will are carried out to the letter. Probate can be an upsetting process, often taking place only a short time after a death, but we work hard to alleviate the associated stress and conclude the process as smoothly as possible.

If you are interest in making a will, or need to discuss probate, please call now on 01253 626793 and speak to John Nimmo or Joanne Flynn.